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Dr. Joanna Jefferson helps patients in and around Irvine, California, to love their teeth again with a range of procedures designed to restore, enhance, align, and maintain the health and appearance of these central features of our smiles and the gummy tissue that supports them. Composite dental fillings represent one of the more conservative treatments available at Tooth Love to restore damaged teeth. 

composite fillings, mercury alternatives in Irvine, CAWHAT IS A FILLING 

Fillings are a dental material that is expertly shaped to replace tooth structure, which is lost due to the tooth decay process or due to other forms of trauma. There are many different types of materials that are available to replace portions of natural teeth. Our patients love how we can rebuild their teeth in a way where the treated tooth looks like the surrounding teeth and feels no different than a healthy, natural tooth, too! This coveted characteristic comes courtesy of Dr. Jefferson’s use of durable, biocompatible (tissue-friendly), and indeed “tooth-like” materials, as well as her skill in designing and placing these materials. 


Dr. Jefferson may find that you are a candidate for a lovely filling made from materials, such as metal-free dental composite, if you have decay or damage. And if she cannot remedy it with modifications to oral hygiene at home, professional preventive services at our practice, or specialized and medical-grade oral care products. If decay is not treated promptly, the process erodes at the teeth and produces holes or cavities. A cavity may be treated effectively with fillings. Alternately, if the cavity is significant, she may recommend another type of dental restoration with greater coverage and support to the remaining natural tooth structure. These options include dental inlays and onlays (partial crowns). We can also replace old or worn fillings, making the entire tooth vulnerable to severe fractures or infections. 


Dr. Jefferson begins the process with a “fresh slate” on healthy teeth. The damaged, brittle, or decayed tissue is removed. The dental material is prepared. So, the new tooth structure color that is introduced blends in with the natural structure and the surrounding teeth. Composite resins may be applied conservatively, which allows us to preserve as much of the natural, healthy tooth as possible. The resin, a mix of plastic and glass-like particles can be applied in layers. As each layer is applied, it is hardened to secure the ultimate bond between the material and the tooth. Afterward, the tooth is polished, and it’s time to smile comfortably and confidently! 

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