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There is no faster way to love your teeth again than with professional whitening treatments to lift stains and transform yellow discoloration. The resulting white teeth convey youthful vibrancy, health, and confidence. At Tooth Love, we are proud providers of the Glo Science whitening system. Prescribed and overseen by our dentist, Dr. Joanna Jefferson, this professional whitening treatment supports noticeable changes to the color of your smile, as well as safety and comfort throughout the process. We are also privileged to provide options to our patients in and around Irvine, California.


Teeth whitening service in Irvine - Woman with bright healthy smileDr. Jefferson’s patients have been able to whiten their teeth by up to 12 shades in under an hour and within a single appointment. They have done so without the discomfort and sensitivity that has plagued earlier-generation whitening products and systems. This treatment represents Glo Science’s fastest option to lift stains. All of its whitening gels are formulated with clinically proven effective (and safe) hydrogen peroxide. We can adjust the concentration of the whitening gel to account for factors such as the risk of a history of tooth sensitivity and the starting shade.

The process of whitening your teeth is expedited with the application of blue LED light technology. This technology produces gentle and controlled warming or heat, which minimizes a common cause of sensitivity: the lack of hydration to the tooth structure. Additionally, this proprietary formula contains a protective, desensitizing agent. Due to these unique characteristics, there is no need to pre-treat for sensitivity. Also, we help protect surrounding tissues from potential irritation with specialized products that act as barriers to the gel and prevent side effects during the whitening process.


You can also achieve dramatic whitening from the comfort and convenience of home. Glo Science applies many of the principles associated with its chairside method to the take-home process. We provide our patients with whitening kits and instructions on how to use them. These kits primarily include a “mouthpiece” equipped with the above-mentioned blue LED light technology and their peroxide-based gel. Unlike other whitening gels, the Glo Science product is thick and not runny. So, it tends to stay in place and is not messy or uncomfortable like standard whitening trays and strips.

When prepared and worn as directed by your dentist, your teeth will appear gradually lighter and whiter. On average, the Glo Science company reports that patients whitened their teeth by five shades in five to seven days. Every patient is different, though, and we are happy to discuss what to expect from the treatment. And how to keep those stunning results for a lifetime during a consultation. Call Tooth Love at (949) 444-5656 to start this convenient, comfortable, safe, and effective process today.

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