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Implant Crowns

After dental implants have been placed, implant crowns are the lovely final touches. These crowns look like natural teeth and are placed on the abutment fitted on the external-facing end of the implant.

Dental crowns are designed to protect and strengthen a person's teeth. They can be made from materials such as ceramics, porcelain, gold, silver and metal alloys. Ceramics and porcelain create the most natural look while gold offers the strongest type of protection.

Crowns for dental implants come in two main varieties: cement-retained and screw-retained. The materials they're made from are not the only thing that sets them apart, though. How a crown is attached to the implant also makes a big difference.

Cement-retained crowns are held in place by dental cement, which provides a secure bond between the implant and the crown. This type of crown is easier to install and replace but can be more easily damaged by bacteria or trauma.

Screw-retained dental implant crowns are secured with screws that attach the crown securely to the dental implant. This type of crown is more durable than cement-retained crowns and can be removed for cleaning or replacement if necessary. The downsides to this type of dental crown are that it is more difficult to install and may require more dental visits for maintenance.

No matter which type of dental implant crown you choose, the goal is to provide an aesthetically pleasing dental restoration that functions like a natural tooth. Your dentist will be able to help you determine which type of dental implant crown is best for your needs and situation. With proper care and maintenance, dental implant crowns can last many years and help you achieve the beautiful smile you desire.

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